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Loan type

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About you

About your application

First up, what type of purchase are you hoping to apply for?

What is your residency status in UAE?

Your nationality

Are you Emirati? Or are you an expat?

Do you have an existing mortgage in the UAE?

Have you purchased a home in the UAE before using a mortgage?

Who’s applying for the mortgage?

Are you looking for a mortgage on your own or with someone else?

What’s your employment status?

How do you earn your income?

What’s your monthly income?

How much do you earn on a monthly basis? This is before tax deductions


What’s your age?

We need to know how old you are because it affects how lenders offer loans.

When will you be looking for finance?

How soon will you be looking to get your mortgage?

Have you found a property?

What stage are you at in the property search?

What is the property value?

What is the expected market value of the property?


Based on your income the maximum purchase price, with maximum lending, from the bank would be NaN AED

How much are you borrowing?

You can borrow a maximum of 75 please let us know what loan to value you would be looking for.


Based on your loan to value percentage, your loan amount is 25 AED

Where is your property?

Enter your property emirate.

What type of mortgage are you looking for?

Please select the type of mortgage product you are looking for.

How long would you like to fix the rate?

What loan type would you like?

Do you have a preference on the type of loan?

How many years do you want the mortgage for?

What is the overall term you would like the mortgage for?

Do you want to transfer your salary?

Would you be interested in transfering your salary to benefit from a better deal?

Do you want assistance with fees?

Some of our options allow you to add up to 80% of the fees to your loan, this may give you fewer options but a lower up front cost

That’s it, just a bit about you to get your mortgage!


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Your residency status will determine the loan type and amount that the lender can provide.

Let me know about your situation so I can work out how the banks will process your application.

Arran Summerhill