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Deciding Between Selling or Renting Out My Property: Weighing the Pros and Cons Before Leaving the UAE

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As an expat in the UAE, when it's time to leave the country, you might face a common dilemma: should you sell your property or rent it out? Both options have their unique merits and potential pitfalls. As your friend in this journey, we're here to help you evaluate the pros and cons to make the best decision.

Firstly, let's consider selling your property. The immediate benefit of selling is the large lump sum you would receive, which you can invest or use as you see fit. It also relieves you from the responsibilities of being a landlord and dealing with property maintenance, tenant-related issues, or real estate market fluctuations in the UAE.

However, selling might mean missing out on potential long-term appreciation of your property. Also, depending on the market conditions at the time of sale, you might not fetch the price you desire.

On the other hand, renting out your property provides a steady stream of income. Given the strong rental yields in the UAE, this can be a profitable venture. You also retain ownership of the property, potentially benefiting from future value appreciation.

The downside is that being a landlord can be demanding, especially when you're not in the country. You might face vacancies, maintenance issues, or difficulties with tenants. Hiring a property management company can help, but it comes at a cost that reduces your rental income.

If your property has an outstanding mortgage loan, this complicates the decision further. You would need to consider if the rental income can cover the mortgage repayments. An online mortgage calculator in UAE can be handy in making these computations.

This is where a mortgage broker in UAE can be invaluable. They can help you understand the implications of selling or renting while you have a mortgage.

Mortgage specialists in UAE can provide advice tailored to your situation, answering your mortgages FAQ, and guiding you on the best path forward.

If you decide to sell and have an outstanding mortgage, you will need to obtain a liability letter from your bank, indicating the amount required to settle your mortgage. The buyer's bank usually settles this amount directly.

On the flip side, if you rent out your property, you must inform your bank, as the terms of your mortgage loan might change. Additionally, you would need to clarify tax implications in your home country for the rental income earned.

Finally, to streamline your decision-making process, consider utilizing Holo, a leading digital mortgage platform in the UAE. Holo simplifies your mortgage-related concerns by offering a user-friendly online mortgage calculator, expert advice from seasoned mortgage professionals, and a simplified mortgage application process if refinancing becomes necessary. Holo's goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to make the best decision.

In conclusion, deciding whether to sell or rent out your property when leaving the UAE is a personal decision that depends on various factors including your financial goals, risk tolerance, and future plans. With professional advice and digital tools like Holo, you can navigate this significant decision with greater confidence and clarity.

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