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Mortgage Rates in Dubai
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Future of Mortgage Rates in Dubai: Predictions for 2024

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Recent reports from the Fed (US Federal Reserve) suggest a growing confidence that interest rates could dip into the 3% range this year. With the UAE Dirham pegged to the US Dollar, this projected decrease will inevitably influence mortgage rates in the country, presenting a significant opportunity for buyers to secure a mortgage loan in Dubai or Abu Dhabi at lower rates than what we've witnessed during the last couple of years.

Here are some trends we might see:

1 ) Increased Mortgage Approvals

At Holo, we've observed lenders responding to declining interest rates by offering fixed-rate products at a rate below 4%. Lenders evaluate mortgage applications against an applicant's existing financial commitments and a worst-case scenario involving interest rate hikes. A lower interest rate, even when subjected to stress testing, can contribute to a higher number of approved finance applications, making homeownership attainable for individuals who may have previously been declined.

2) Reduced Monthly Payments

One of the most immediate and tangible outcomes of decreasing mortgage interest rates is the reduction in monthly mortgage payments. As interest rates decrease, borrowers can secure loans at lower costs, resulting in more manageable monthly payments. This expansion of affordability widens the pool of potential homebuyers who can comfortably handle their mortgage responsibilities without undue financial strain.

3) Variable rate options

Variable rate mortgage products adjust based on the EIBOR which is the benchmark rate of interest for lending between banks. Fixed rate mortgages offer borrowers the comfort of a monthly payment that will remain the same. A variable rate product will see your monthly repayment increase or decrease in line with the EIBOR. Depending on your level of personal risk, a variable rate may give you a period where you could enjoy lower interest rates. However, it could have the opposite effect.

4) Opportunities for Refinancing and Buyouts

Existing homeowners stand to benefit from decreasing interest rates through mortgage refinancing. Lower rates present an opportunity for homeowners to refinance their current mortgages, potentially securing more favorable terms and reducing their monthly payments. Consequently, this frees up additional funds that homeowners can allocate toward other investments or expenses.

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