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Relocating to Abu Dhabi
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Steering Clear of Common Mistakes: 6 Pitfalls to Avoid When Relocating to Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi presents an array of exciting opportunities, making it an ideal destination for individuals and families alike. However, amidst the hustle of relocation, crucial steps may be overlooked. Here, we outline key areas that demand research and planning before your move, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable transition.

Setting a Budget

The lavish culture in Abu Dhabi may entice you to indulge, but it's crucial to avoid financial pitfalls. If you are moving from another country, request moving quotes from different companies to find a reliable and well-reviewed option. Avoid cheaper alternatives that may come with hidden charges or misplaced items.

Begin by establishing a budget, taking into account your income, debts, and basic expenses. Utilize your first week in Abu Dhabi to explore transportation, grocery, and other necessary services in your neighborhood. Seek guidance from reputable financial advisory firms to tailor a budget based on your salary, savings, and needs. Furthermore, take advantage of discounts and offers to manage expenses.

It's a good idea to start saving as soon as possible, especially if you want to buy a property in Abu Dhabi rather than rent. Using a mortgage calculator is a useful place to start if you are hoping to buy as it will give you a good indication of what your monthly mortgage repayments might look like.

Thorough Research

Moving to a new neighborhood requires research beforehand. While word of mouth can be helpful, the internet is a valuable resource. Online platforms offer insights into life in Abu Dhabi, local guides, and advice on housing contracts. Join expat community groups on platforms like Facebook to seek advice and recommendations from those already living in Abu Dhabi. These community groups are also a great place to ask for recommendations for professional services or essentials like the best doctors, schools, financial advisors, estate agents, and mortgage experts. Remember Holo offers free mortgage advice for expats.

Careful Contract Review

When signing contracts, especially employment and tenancy contracts, take the time to read and understand every detail, especially the fine print. Don't hesitate to ask questions to clarify any uncertainties. If you are renting a property make sure you are using a reputable agent to inspect potential rental spaces thoroughly, especially if furnished, to ensure quality standards. Keep copies of all contracts, including insurance agreements, for future reference.

Awareness of Abu Dhabi Laws and Rights

Knowing the laws and regulations in the United Arab Emirates will ensure a peaceful and secure living experience. Familiarise yourself with rental laws, landlord obligations, eviction conditions, and your rights as a tenant. Remember that Abu Dhabi's laws may differ from those in your home country, and there may be restrictions on alcohol consumption and cohabitation.

Processes and regulations for financial services and lending are also likely to be different from those of your home country. If you are looking to buy a property in Abu Dhabi, speak with a mortgage broker who will help you understand the ins and outs of local mortgage loans and lender expectations.

Understanding the Local Culture

Culture shock is common when relocating, but research about Abu Dhabi's culture can help you adapt more smoothly. Learn about Arab traditions and social etiquette, and make an effort to pick up some basic Arabic phrases. Engage with the local community beyond your immediate circle to gain a broader perspective.

Expanding Your Social Circle

Avoid limiting social interactions in your workplace. Seek opportunities to meet like-minded individuals through activities such as joining a gym or using platforms like MeetUp. Connect with people online before moving to establish a support network and gain valuable insights about your new neighborhood.

Remember, connecting with neighbors can provide essential guidance and local information, facilitating a smoother adjustment to life in Abu Dhabi.

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