Understand the Fees Involved in Purchasing Property in Dubai

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When purchasing a property in Dubai, you will also need to pay fees ranging from 7% to 8% of the property value. These fees are additions to the down payment in various purchase costs and fees.

The data below gives an indication of the fees for buying a property. Your personalized quotation through the Holo Mortgage Calculator will give an accurate breakdown of the recommended product.

Fee type and Amount -

  • Dubai Land Department fee - 4% of the property purchase price plus an AED 580 admin fee
  • Property registration fee - For properties below AED 500,000: AED 2,000, plus 5% VAT. For properties above AED 500,000: AED 4,000, plus 5% VAT
  • Real estate agency fee - 2% of the property value, plus 5% VAT
  • Bank mortgage arrangement fee - Ranges from 0% to 1% of the loan amount, plus 5% VAT
  • Dubai Land Department mortgage registration fee - 0.25% of the loan amount, plus AED 290
  • Property valuation fee - From AED 2,500 to AED 3,000, plus 5% VAT

Fee Financing

The good news is that there are a handful of banks that will allow you to add some of the fees to your mortgage. This is taken over the term of the mortgage and at the same interest rate, which reduces upfront costs.

This blog is for educational purposes, but everyone's case is unique, and local guidelines and regulations may change. Our mortgage advisors can help you with any question you may have and have the latest advice. Get in touch.