Understanding the Required Deposit for Securing a Mortgage in the UAE: A Detailed Exploration

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Navigating the process of purchasing a home in the UAE can be quite intimidating, especially for first-time buyers. One of the primary considerations involves grasping the necessary deposit for securing a mortgage loan. To simplify this for you, let's break it down in an easy to understand manner.

In the UAE, the Central Bank has established guidelines for Emirati nationals and expatriates.

Emirati Nationals

  • For properties under AED 5 million, you can borrow up to 85% of the property value, requiring a minimum deposit of 15%.
  • If the property exceeds AED 5 million, the lending ratio drops to 75%, necessitating a 25% deposit.


  • Properties under AED 5 million allow you to borrow up to 80%, meaning a 20% deposit is needed.
  • Properties exceeding AED 5 million have a lending ratio of 70%, thus requiring a 30% deposit.

Remember, these are the minimum deposit requirements. You can choose to contribute a larger deposit to reduce your mortgage loan amount and, consequently, your monthly payments.

Engaging a mortgage broker can greatly simplify this journey. They'll explain the implications of different deposit sizes and guide you through the mortgage application process. Mortgage specialists in UAE should possess the relevant expertise to offer valuable advice on available mortgage products, tailored to your financial situation and long-term objectives. They'll also clarify the additional costs associated with securing a mortgage, such as bank fees, valuation fees, and registration fees.

Using an online mortgage calculator designed for the UAE market can further assist you in comprehending how the deposit size affects monthly repayments and the total mortgage cost over its term. It's a valuable tool that provides insight into affordability and the impact of various deposit sizes on your loan.

Keep in mind that applying for a mortgage in UAE requires submitting specific documents to verify your income, residency, and identity. These typically include salary slips, bank statements, employment contracts, passports, and visas. Having these documents prepared in advance can expedite your mortgage application process.

To make this journey more manageable, consider utilising Holo, an innovative digital mortgage platform tailored to the UAE market. Holo simplifies the mortgage process by offering a user-friendly online mortgage calculator in UAE , expert advice from seasoned mortgage professionals, and a streamlined mortgage application process. With Holo, navigating the complexities of obtaining a mortgage becomes less daunting and more accessible.

Understanding the required deposit for securing a mortgage loan in the UAE is crucial. With the right support and digital tools like Holo, you'll be well-prepared to embark on your homeownership journey in the UAE.

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